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Excellence Through the Arts                                                                                                                              a web site for friends dedicated to Education through the Fine Arts                                         

OKLAHOMA ALLIANCE                    …at the Mayor’s Art Star Awards



Orchestra playing at the annual Major’s Art Star Awards

Excellence Through the Arts

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Oklahoma Alliance for Arts Education is to promote the values of the Arts through education and recognition of individuals and organizations.



OAAE develops and supports creative and productive partnerships with schools and cultural institutions.

-Position the Arts-

OAAE diligently works with the state leadership to provide strategic input as policy is developed for the citizens of our state.

-Provide Professional Development-

OAAE actively plans quality professional development for school districts in urban and rural settings across the state.

-Provide Leadership for Public Education and Awareness-

OAAE, often partners with the Media to help develop public programs, highlighting the importance of life long learning in the Arts.

-Lend Support and Research Material -

OAAE supports educators and arts organizations in disseminating current research that places the Fine Arts at the core of education.